Every time a friend asks what my main focus is with my nootropics regimen, I always try to tell them: start with fundamentals. It doesn’t matter how great your focus and attention is if it doesn’t last. That’s what I love nicotinamide riboside so much.

Nicotinamide Riboside as a Brain Supplement

Medical laboratories are always busy when a new product is introduced into the health sector. Doctors burn the night oil to ensure they understand the reality about a product, its benefits, and side effects so that before they recommend them for their patients, they have already done thorough research to find out everything about the product and give a thump up for its intended use. This is why Nicotinamide Riboside ticks all the right boxes in the health sector.

Based on the research that has been carried out and the reviews and testimonials from the users, it is regarded as the best brainpower supplement ever to be manufactured.

There are so many brain supplements in the world, but in this post, we are just going to dwell on Nicotinamide Riboside, which is also abbreviated as NR, its components, how it works and few benefits.


This is a vitamin B3 element that helps in the production of NAD+, which is a key cog in the body’s energy precipitation. They provide the nutrients that operate like a fuel in the manufacture of body’s energy. Mitochondria that are the engine of all our body cells depends on NAD+ supplied by NR for its efficiency.

As we grow old our bodies reduce the level of NAD+ but with Nicotinamide that acts a booster for NAD+, its level is multiplied so that your body can remind you of the wonderful days of your youth.

By keeping steady the amount of NAD+ in your body, you are reversing the clock of your cells and most of all prevent your body from Brain tumor.


We will provide you with just a synopsis of how it works though the definition has given us an overview of how it operates.

By boosting the levels of one of the key chemicals in our bodies in form of NAD+(Nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide), more nutrients are added to the mitochondrial cells (like CoQ10).

Raising the level of NAD+ rolls back the years of your cells, hence they become younger.


Is this product beneficial to our bodies after all?

A research, which was done by some of the medical practitioners point to the fact that this product perceived benefits, could be true.

Almost all its benefits mentioned below relies on the fact that it prevents mitochondrial myopathy, a condition caused the down-and –out performance by the bodies cell mitochondria.

1. Youthful aging:

The more the components of NR in your body, the more the NAD+, which rolls back the time of your body cells. It gives some longevity to your cells.

So it makes you young forever and with that wonderful body energy. The aging theory was given more weight when a study was done on two mice; one was fed with substances of Nicotinamide while other was fed with oral NR.

The effects were shown, as the other, which was fed with Nicotinamide, looked younger and energetic within the same period than the other. More research study has been done to prove this benefit and most of their results have been positive. There are other alternatives like Qualia for youthful aging

2. Prevents brain tumor:

It is one of the deadliest brain diseases in the world. But with NR, more power is supplied to the brain cells that enable it to be steady with the provision of more fuel for their metabolism. It gives the brain more power and energy that enables its blood cells to function super normal.

3 Reduces body stress:

More NAD+ in your body makes your cells more energetic and you, which reduces the chances of your body to stress. The more power in the brain and the cells makes the body not to be fatigue that is a factor that leads to stress.

4. Prevents diabetes:

Increases the rate of metabolism in the body, which further controls the blood sugar level in your body, preventing pre mature deaths caused by diabetes.


No doubt more research will be done in future to prove if it is a good brain supplement, but, be that as it may, there is more reason to be optimistic.